Sunday, May 25, 2008


These pictures are of my 12 pound Ragdoll cat, Mittens. He of course is very spoiled. He sleeps between my hubby and I (hubby is ok with this) and loves to get everyone up at 5:00 am by meowing loudly for 15 minutes or "making bisquits" in everyone's hair until we are up. He only eats Fancy Feast Alfredo with Garden Greens meals, unless he is in dire straits (when we run out), then he eats only Iams dry. He pretty much has the run of the house. He lets my daughter pick him up and hold him like a babydoll, and he lets her dress him up.

The little doggie you see is Mitten's friend Milo. Milo is a 6 month old "Shorkie". He is a sweety. He comes to stay with us when his mommy, (my bestest friend Penny) goes out of town. Mittens lets Milo entertain him, but refuses to play with him, he just likes to watch Milo entertain. Milo lets my daughter dress him up and even put him in a "webkins" purse.

Yes I'm weird, but I love my kittycat and his friends.

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