Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Card that goes with bottle

Here's the card that goes with the bottle.


simone said...

great card

M said...

Okay, so I love that you have the link on your blog so I can get some of those cute stamps. Those girls are so chic!

Thanks for the comment back. I shared the DVD with the class today and they all loved seeing themselves set to cool music. Fun!


Denise Clark said...

Love this card! Busy just like a bella would be. Nice!


Heidi said...

Pretty card, especially like the Bellas ;)

I read your comment on my blog and just wanted to say that if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it says "Made by Lena" , just click on that and it will take you to the site where I downloaded my template.

Take care!

Moira said...

Hi there, thanks for your comments on my blog. The word for stamps in French is 'tampons'and it's 'démonstratrice'. My spoken french is okay but with a heavy Scottish accent, written is another story hence I do my blog in my native tongue!
Love the card! Moira

Gayle said...

Hi Jacqueline

You're a winner, please see my blog and send me your address, it'll be with you shortly...

Gayle x

JPW said...

Congrats on the win, sis!

M said...

When are you going to post new stuff. Love these cards. Wanting to see more.

Take care! Have a wonderful weekend.

xo M