Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lost Kitty

Had a really fun day today. We lost our kitty Lulu. She does not go outside, so we knew she was in the house. My other cat, Mittens, knew something was wrong and talked to me all day, but I couldn't understand what he wanted. He was saying that Lulu was locked in the linen closet! We didn't find her until this evening when my son opened the door to the linen closet and out fell a very sleepy Lulu. She has kept all of us in her sight the rest of the evening and Mittens was so tired of trying to tell us where she was that he has gone to bed. What a day! Ok so my neighbors house got in here and I'm not that computer savy and can't get rid of it. Oh well, better luck tomorrow.

1 comment:

Anesha said...

Poor Lulu, what an adventure. Image not listening to Mittens. :)lol
Hope they both get lots of rest and cuddles today.