Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Debut of "Acheron"

Well we attended the debut book signing of the book of Acheron, for the year of "Acheron". It was at the Parthenon,in Nashville, TN, a replica, of the one in Greece. Inside is a huge statue of Artemis, a main character in the DarkHunter series. There were about 500 fans there. Some with horns, wings and vampire teeth, it was very interesting. We waited in line about an hour, and we got a lanyard and three buttons, one that said "bite me", it was cute. We finally got inside to see Sherrilyn. She was dressed in a black lace dress with her vampire teeth in, you would not have known her as the all american mom.

After we saw Sherrilyn we met the characters, Ash (who did not look like I thought he should), Zerek (he did look like I thought he would, Rafeal, he looked right , Nick Gautier (looked ok) and Sundance (I somehow missed his story, so I didn't know what he should have looked like. They were very nice and signed our books and let us take pictures. I have included the pics. It was fun!

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Lavender Rose said...

Pleased to see you have been having fun :) What an amazing piece of architecture...what is it used for, exhibitions? conferences etc?