Sunday, August 3, 2008

Well school has started for the teachers and the students come in this Wednesday. I am not ready. My room is, but I'm not. I wanted to make so much this summer, but have really done nothing. So I have entered myself into 5 swaps, so that I would have to make something. They are not due until mid August so I will have time to do them.

One exciting thing, after school tomorrow, my friend and I will be going to Nashville, TN to see one of our favorite writers, Sherrilyn Kenyon. She has a book signing of her new book, Asheron(sp wrong). If any of you read her, you know he is the Main Guy in the Dark Hunter series. He will be there in person, along with his friends, we are not sure which, but Simi, his demon tattoo who comes to life will be there. She is really cool. We are hoping to get pics and I will post them. This should be exciting! She also writes as Kinley MacGregor if any of you read historical romances. She's cool, she has three little boys and lives just outside of Nashville. She looks just like a regular Mom, but has a wonderful imagination and plenty of energy. If you are interested in vampires and were creatures, not scary but romantic and funny, she is the one to read. Her books are in the romance section under paranormal. If you have never read paranormal, check her out. They are very entertaining, and not scary.


Catherine said...

5 swaps? wow! better start on them you only have few weeks =)

A Latte Stampin said...

Oh my God you are so lucky didn't the new book come out Mon...Who is Ash's love interest? Hugs