Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lawn of the month

My husband loves working in the yard, and has always hoped to get"yard of the month" in our neighborhood. Well his dream came true. Last night the committee called and said that we had the "yard of the month" for the month of July. We were very excited. He works very hard to keep our yard looking great!


Anesha said...

Congratulations and what a fab house!

Carol said...


Must take time to get and keep it that good tell him I say Hi and well done it's wow!!


craftypixie said...

wow congrats to your husband,you must be sooo proud
Wendy x

Loreen said...

Now that is some beautiful property! I can see why he won =)

Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You have a beautiful home and a gorgeous yard...all your hubby's hard work paid off! Congrats again!
Hugs~ Kim

Jackie said...

Congratulations Mr Jacqueline..........your garden and house are beautiful!

Maria Levine said...

Awesome!! Beautiful house and landscaping, I can see why you won!

Erre54 said...

what beautifull house
from Italy

JPW said...

Woot, b-way, woot.

Kimmie0270 said...

Your home is amazing!