Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunny Florida Beach Pics

The living is easy. We did nothing but sit/lay on the beach, eat, sleep, play and read. It was a very quiet and restful vacation. Oh yes, I forgot to say shop. (my daughter and I) Found a great scrapbook outlet, like I needed more supplies. My little diva daughter enjoyed the beach along with my son and his friend. My hubby and I loved it too. We almost had the beach to ourselves, just a few other families. It was great!


Carol said...


Your welcome - managed to deletr your comment -it was duplicated and I was trying to be clever that'll teach me!!!

Holiday photos look idylic!!


A Latte Stampin said...

At your own risk...Yikes. Hope you had fun.

purple_nikki said...

I love those piccies - please can you put me in your case next time you go????? (it would have to be a rather big case! lol)
The pictures would look amazing on a card or scrapbook.


Nikki x

Bhany888 said...

what a nice place you had visited. Its so beautiful

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